I stream pretty much every single day, mostly in the evening or late nights.


At FluppyHost you can rent Minecraft servers hosted in Denmark.


A Minecraft Plugin which broadcasts automatic messages and has a simple configuration file.

Boring Scoreboard

Another Minecraft Plugin. A simple Scoreboard without all the unneccessary features.


A little game I made in UNity to give it a try. It has nothing to do with bouncing. My highscore is 27 and I have no clue how.

Music Streams

EDM, Chill, Trap, Bounce or Nightcore. Streams directly from Youtube. Most of them are probably offline tho.

Website Analyzer

A webscraper which collects data and sends it in a mail. It started as a project for my dad.

File Downloader

I set up a webserver on my old PC to download all new files to my new PC. The program I made to download all files is coded in Java.


I enjoy doing stuff with servers from time to time.